Problem-solving Medical Management Systems that reduce costs.​
No contracts or paperwork, month to month billing invoiced per active client
An Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution, with installation, implementation, training and support included
No cancellation penalties with a 30-day notice period

Committed To Excellence

Creating unique systems that enhance, empower and enable the healthcare industry

MedWare develops software systems that are innovative and solution driven, and that meet and exceed our client’s requirements. We offer differentiating, problem solving and cost reducing Medical Management Systems and EMS Management Systems.

What do Our Products Offer?

Digital Migration

We enable the migration from legacy manual documentation to digital automation systems


We develop systems that meet current and future client requirements

Proudly South African

ZAR based pricing
Currency not affected by global influences
Locally supported

Why use MedWare systems?

Our systems have been designed specifically to cover the needs of retirement villages, primary health care centres and occupational healthcare centres, along with an emergency medicine management solution which provides a seamless process from call taking to the receipt of the payment for services rendered to ensure profitability.

We will enable you to move from legacy manual documentation systems to digital automation, and to assist with the implementation of control measures for management with regards to cost, people and stock.

This enables you to focus on core business, instead of having to worry about the operational and business impact of having a poorly-functioning system in place.

Titanium is a medical management system that offers a multi-dimensional integrated solution to retirement homes, primary healthcare clinics, home care nursing agencies, independent nursing providers and occupational healthcare clinics. Consists of a Base Module with additional Add-On Software features that can be enabled as per the client requirements.

Ultimet is an emergency medical services (EMS) management system that provides a multi-dimensional integrated solution to national, multi-provincial and network service providers. Protects not only the patient, but the practitioner and the practice.


Digital systems that power the Fourth Industrial Revolution


The link between customers, data and trust increasingly defines success in 21st century business. To successfully transition in this new, data-driven world, organisations are changing the way they not only interact with their customers, but also how they operate their businesses. The effective collection, use and security of data are now core differentiators of enterprises, acting as a barometer of customer trust and a clear indicator of business success.

While the collection of data is commonplace in business, actually deriving value from that data and using it to inform business decisions is another challenge altogether. Eighty percent of businesses agree that using data to genuinely inform or meet business objectives is a key business challenge. Consequently, intelligent data-led companies are standing out from the crowd.

Companies need to digitize their ecosystems. Digital transformation is fast becoming less of a buzzword and more of a technical reality. Robotic Process Automation (RPA), AI, and machine learning are all helping employees work more at an optimal pace, by removing the burden of large volumes of time-consuming tasks.


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